UX Design

Selected works.

Greenberg's Bagels - Bagel Tinder - 2020

Role: Concept, design, prototype, directing

I did some photography for a Brooklyn-based bagel shop, and it sparked this question:

What would it be like to order food the way you swipe for dating?

This idea went from a simple prototype to a completely ridiculous video. Here's a snippet.

Amazon Special Projects (2017-2019)

Role: UX Design Technologist

*Currently still under wraps*. In 2017 I was contacted by Amazon and brought in as a founding member of an early-stage initiative within their Special Projects division. My initial work consisted of research, ideation, prototyping, and testing. I created a 3-minute pitch video which was shown to Jeff Bezos to receive a second round of internal funding.

This funding allowed us to grow from ~10 people to 100. My role shifted to deeper UX explorations, designing & building a physical prototype test unit, and creating high-fidelity physical/digital UX prototypes & studies.

FurReal Makers Proto Max - 2017

Role: Concept, design engineer

This toy began its life as a scrappy web-controlled Arduino prototype, paired with a UI design mockup; a co-worker and I built and pitched it to Hasbro's senior management (I was a project engineer on a different brand at the time).

It was approved, and I became the lead engineer on this project from design through manufacturing, and also contributed to the design of the physical/digital UX.

Sofi Tukker - 2019

Role: Concept, graphic design, filter development

I created a custom Instagram face filter created in collaboration with a friend, using Facebook's Spark AR Studio software. The filter displays a set of lyrics from Sofi Tukker's hit song "Purple Hat", on top of a purple hat.

The video is of the band seeing it for the first time.

Birds With Friends - 2020

Role: Research, concept development, design

A work-in-progress project that is a blend of UX research & prototyping. 

I had a lengthy conversation with a group of people who were into birding, and pointed out that all the apps are missing any true community aspect. I was intrigued, and interviewed them to learn more about this. I also dug deeper into the architecture of several bird-related apps, and began looking at orthogonal social-reporting apps (Citizen, Strava, etc.) to understand the different depths of "engaging with a community".

This project is currently in progress.

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Nano Air Mask - 2020

Role: Research, design direction, brand positioning

My work for this project was to: (1) rapidly learn about the science behind nano-fiber masks, (2) pick out the most important differentiating points to explain to customers, (3) create early-stage graphic design direction, and (4) make it all fit together well on mobile and desktop.

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